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In late May, the administrators of Fullwood Animal Hospital (FAH) approached Fabulous McGrady and Friends Foundation with an idea.  They wanted to build their Facebook community but they also wanted to do something good for homeless animals at the same time.  Their proposal:  for every NEW LIKE of their Facebook page through the month of June, they would give one pound or can of pet food up to 1000 cans or pounds.  As we have worked with FAH around Christmas 2014 when they initiated a donation drive for gently-used, pet-related goods amongst their clients, we were more than happy to accept the challenge.

The staff at Fullwood Animal Hospital got creative making different posters for the drive:






About every 10 days FAH would come up with  new post to help promote the drive.  Fabulous McGrady was happy to share this with the nearly 38,000 fans of his/FMFF’s Facebook page!

McGrady stopped by to pay a visit to FAH and pick up all the cans & bags of food on July 3…it was smiles all around!


The total amount of pet food donated during this “LIKE” Drive?

187 pounds of dry cat/dog food and treats
311 cans of cat/dog

That equals 498 NEW LIKES for Fullwood Animal Hospital’s Facebook Page



We look forward to more projects and partnerships with the fabulous folks at Fullwood Animal Hospital.

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