$20 Dollar Discounted Spay/Neuter. in conjunction with Montgomery County Humane Society and Spay/Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills.for residents of Montgomery County NC (2015-2016)

 7/18/2015:  Fabulous McGrady and Friends Foundation (FMFF) has established “The Fabulous Freedom Fund” at Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills (aka The Companion Animal Clinic Foundation) in Vass, located in Moore County NC.  FMFF sent a check in the amount of $5000.00 to establish the Fund.  The Fund is earmarked to help residents of neighboring Montgomery County NC. 

The Fund will be used to subsidize the cost of already-substantially discounted exclusively at the Vass Clinic.  The Fabulous Freedom Fund is part of what we are calling “The Montgomery County Collaborative Spay Neuter Project”, which involves several groups and volunteers!  FMFF will cover the full cost of the spay or neuter surgery for those who purchase a $20.00 Spay/Neuter Voucher, which they printed/provided. 

The Collaborative Project is made possible through the joint efforts/participation of several group:

  • Montgomery County Humane Society in Mount Gilead NC will handle voucher sales.  They will also return the $20 for each voucher sold to FMFF so that that money can roll back into the Fabulous Freedom Fund to cover even more spay neuter surgeries.

  • Volunteers from the Montgomery County Spay/Neuter Van Program will assist those in need with transport of animals with (and without) vouchers over to Vass for their surgeries.  (Vass is located about 45 min from most areas of Montgomery County)

  • Officers from Montgomery County Animal Control have been working to identify those whose pets are most in need of spay neuter and informing them about the existence of the vouchers.

Vouchers will be good for 6 months only to encourage everyone to use them while “fixing” their pet is fresh on their minds and before something else takes priority.  We have also asked participants to sign off on whether or not they will allow their pet’s photograph to be shared.  We feel that seeing others going forward with spay/neutering their pets will encourage even more residents to do the same…or at the very least, get them thinking about doing so. Ultimately, we ended up donating a total of $10,000 to this project.

“You Buy Dinner, I’ll Drive…” Food Drive for Lancaster County (SC) Animal Control (February 9-22, 2014): 


We delivered 1404.8 lbs of dog food to Lancaster County AC during a food shortage!

Montgomery County (NC) Animal Control, Mt Gilead NC (November 23, 2013):

photo (13)
McGrady with the donations at MCAC

Six months our first visit to MCAC, we decided to check in with Leon Everett, Lead ACO at MCAC, regarding any new needs.  He noted that they could always use food to enable them to give the animals more time.  However, they were also pouring new kennel runs in the back of the old shelter as the old ones no longer met State code regarding cross-contamination barriers.  They did not have dog houses or weather-proofing tarps that would enable them to use the new kennels.  FMFF went into action to collect more food but also to collect gently used (or buy new) Igloo insulated plastic dog houses.   FMFF delivered the following:

  • 2 Large PetBarn Dog Houses (NEW)
  • 4 Large Petmate Igloo Dog Houses (1 donated, 3 NEW)
  • 9 Large Heavy-Duty Tarps (4 donated, 5 purchased)
  • 595 lbs Dry Dog Food

Montgomery County (NC) Animal Control, Mt Gilead, NC (May 4, 2013):

MCAC Lead ACO, Leon Everett, unloading the 969 lbs of food from our truck! He noted the delivery was “like Christmas” for the shelter!

We decided to reach out to MCAC after hearing that they had the highest euthanasia rate in the state in 2012.  Having worked in rescue for a long time, the FMFF founder knew that high euthanasia rates are oftentimes due to lack of rescue connections, local residents either not adopting from the shelter or not being able to keep their own animals due to economic issues, and other issues—not a willingness to help the animals—but rather due to a lack of public help.  When we called, we found a VERY grateful Lead ACO who noted all they were doing to make things better for the animals (please read the blog posts under our Rural Shelters section for all the good being done their now!).  For our first trip to MCAC, FMFF delivered the following:

  • 969 lbs Dry Dog Food

McGradyMCAC drive
Another view of the truckload of food before McGrady left to make his delivery!
  • 3 Large boxes of clean gently used towels
  • Marion County (SC) Animal Shelter, Mullins SC (December 2, 2012):

    Betsey giving kisses to 2 MCAS staffers as she sits in front of the truck bed full of goods

    MCAS is a small, high-intake animal shelter whose staff works VERY diligently to save every adoptable animal in their care.  A testament to that, our pack member (Betsey) found herself a stray 10-week old pup covered in Demodex (mange) but the staff gave the scrawny black & white pup every chance.   FMFF received its official non-profit status designation from the State of NC in late June 2012.  We couldn’t think of a better rural shelter to help as our first “official” activity!  Betsey was our AmbassaDog for this delivery and shared some kisses with staff to show her thanks!  FMFF delivered the following to MCAS:

    • 4 Treat Packs
    • 4 Nylabones
    • 9 Kong/Rhino Toys
    • 11 Airline or Wire Crates (thanks to Ashe County Humane Society for donating 3 of these!)

    Marion Delivery
    Unloading the truck at MCAS
  • 23 lbs Dry Cat Food
  • 37 Dog Collars or Harnesses
  • 40 Cans Wet Cat Food
  • 48 Cans Wet Dog Food
  • 325 lbs Dry Dog Food
  • Multiple Tennis Balls
  • Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, Salisbury NC (June 16, 2012):

    FFAS volunteer (Shannon) and then Shelter Director (Shelley) with McGrady and the donations!

    After learning of their needs via a post on FFAS’s Facebook page, FMFF delivered the following in response:

    • 1 collapsible dog crate
    • 3 washable pet beds
    • 32 giant paper towel rolls
    • 36 pouches wet dog food
    • 228 can wet dog food
    • 300 lbs kitty litter