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As of 7/16/2015, Fabulous McGrady and Friends Foundation (FMFF) has established “The Fabulous Freedom Fund” at Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills (aka The Companion Animal Clinic Foundation) in Vass, located in Moore County NC.  FMFF sent a check in the amount of $5000.00 to establish the Fund.  The Fund is earmarked to help residents of neighboring Montgomery County NC. 


The Fund will be used to subsidize the cost of already substantially-discounted spay neuter surgery at the Vass NC Clinic.  The Fabulous Freedom Fund is part of what we area calling “The Montgomery County Collaborative Spay Neuter Project,” which involves several groups and volunteers from the Montgomery County NC area.  FMFF will cover the full cost of the spay or neuter surgery for those who purchase a $20.00 Spay Neuter Voucher, which FMFF had printed and delivered to Montgomery County Humane Society on 7/18/2015. 


The Collaborative Project is made possible through the joint efforts of/participation by several groups: 

  • Montgomery County Humane Society of Mount Gilead NC will handle voucher sales.  They will also collect for and return to Fabulous McGrady and Friends Foundation the $20.00 from each voucher sale so that it can be rolled back into the Fabulous Freedom Fund to cover the costs of more spay and neuter surgeries!
  • Volunteers from the Montgomery County Spay Neuter Van will assist those with (and without vouchers) who could not otherwise drive the 45 min one way trip to get their pet to and from the Clinic in Vass.  These ladies rotate meeting sites around the approximately 475 mile County and meet people at 6 AM to pick up pets and again around 6 PM to drop off the “fixed” dog/cat…the ultimate in convenience!
  • Officers from Montgomery County Animal Control have been making a list of citizens whose pets they feel are most in need of spay neuter and will be informing them of the existence of these vouchers!



Vouchers will be good for 6 months after which they will be expired!  There have been a few (very few) vouchers that were purchased but remain, to our chagrin, unused in another County where we did such a program as this.  As we are “learning as we go” about ways to improve things, we decided to add the expiration date to encourage people to get their pets’ surgeries performed before something else takes precedent in this hectic day and time in which we live.  In order to give as many households as possible a chance to take advantage of this program, there will also be a limit of TWO vouchers per household.  We are also asking pet owners to sign off on whether or not a photo of their pet may be taken and used on Social Media so that others can see their fellow citizens going forward with “fixing” their pet and possibly decide to follow suit. 

Please follow McGrady’s Facebook page for the most timely updates on the program!

UPDATE 8/17/2015:

17 Vouchers have been sold to date.  The Montgomery County Spay/Neuter Van volunteers are putting together a Wait List for transport to the Spay/Neuter Clinic and of people who are waiting until their next paycheck to buy a voucher.  One volunteer for the Van works with Meals on Wheels and is informing/identifying potential voucher purchasers that way.  Lastly, we should not forget that the County Animal Control Officers are notifying potential beneficiaries of this program as well.




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