What types of things can be recycled for use by County Animal Shelters and Humane Societies?  First off, note that most everything in the kennel runs/cat cages has to be STERILIZABLE and/or DURABLE.  Things that fit this bill are METAL pet food/water bowls, plastic insulated dog houses, leashes/collars/harnesses, airline/wire crates of all sizes.   We work hard to place all recyclable items in a shelter with a specific need/use for said item.  Things that we cannot recycle easily if at all are:  wooden dog houses (cannot be fully sterilized), used toys (cannot be fully sterilized) and plastic food/water bowls (animals may become bored and chew them).    Please NO urine-soaked or feces-stained items!   

How do I get items to FMFF?  If you’re in the Charlotte Metro area, we will gladly pick up items (contact us at about that) 

How do you determine what goes where?  Simple.  We call the Shelter Director/Animal Control Directors and ask for their specific needs.  Many shelters receive random donations of things from well-meaning donors.  However, if they have no use for an item, it may end up being discarded, never used or (in the best case scenario) donated to a local resident who can use the item.  We don’t want to see anything go unused so we’ll hold onto things until we find a shelter who can use them.

How do you make deliveries?  Our Founder feels it important to personally go to the shelters themselves as you get a better idea of needs AND a flavor of the community setting in which they operate.  Initially we deliver things “one pickup truck load at a time”; however, later on we will have things drop-shipped.

I want to help rural shelters but I cannot drive that far.  What can I do to help?  The internet has been a godsend for many shelters/humane societies in rural areas.  Those who are astute in usage of Social Media often have Facebook pages where they announce needs.  Many have Amazon Wish Lists.  Many big chain stores offer free shipping on food and other items and will bring it right to the shelter.  Find out where a shelter gets supplies and send a gift card.  Spread the word about their needs in your local community through word of mouth, Social Media, etc.  If you’ve a special skill, put that skill to work!  If you’re an artist, paint/send a picture for a shelter’s next fundraiser/auction event.  If Social Media is your forte, volunteer to help them improve or maintain some of their pages.   First and Foremost!  Call the shelter in question and ask them how you can best help them from afar.

Does Mahjong make personal appearances?  Mahjong came to us 1/28/2024 so we are working on training him for this Therapy Dog Certification.  Once we feel he’s a ready, we’ll be happy to visit and educate kids on dog safety, deaf/special needs animal awareness, needs of rural animal shelters, etc.  However, we do need several weeks notice given his guardian’s schedule.