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Saturday,  1 December 2012, was the date of Fabulous McGrady and Friends Foundation (FMFF)’s first official Rural Shelter Assistance trip since it was formally incorporated as a non-profit in NC (501c3 paperwork is in progress).   The shelter chosen for this first trip was Marion County (SC) Animal Shelter which is run by Paws to the Rescue, a 501c3 group.  The shelter was chosen in large part due to the fact that Betsey, McGrady’s canine sister, came from there in July 2011, as a 10-week old pup riddled with Demodectic  Mange.  (Despite this and having minimal resources, they gave her a chance).   Having traveled there before, we were very well aware of how much this small shelter does with so little and with a huge volume of animals continually coming into their door.

Since late November, notifications of our supply drive were posted on McGrady’s Facebook page and shared by others.

Shelter drive by FMFF
Betsy and supplies are all loaded up for the trip to Marion County.

Friends of FMFF in Charlotte not only donated but helped to spread the word, too!   It’s amazing what people can do when they come together for one cause. 

Here is a tally of the goods, both those donated and those purchased by McGrady,  delivered to Marion County (SC) Animal Shelter.

Pounds of Dry Dog Food-325

Cans of Wet Cat Food-60

Cans of Wet Dog Food-48

Dog Collars-36

Leashes/Slip Leads-26

Pounds of Dry Cat Food-23

Tennis Balls-11

Wire/Airline Crates-11

Rhino & Kong  Toys-9    


Treat Packs-4


As we continue to assist more and more rural animal shelters, we are realizing that we are learning a new skill….how to maximally pack a pick-up truck, using EVERY inch of free space!    (insert pics of packed truck) 

With this trip, FMFF adds another 233 “McGrady Miles” to the 2012 total driven either assisting rural animal shelters, transporting animals from McGrady’s former shelter  or helping with other rescue transports.  In 2011, McGrady logged over 2600 miles making these trips!  We hope to top that in 2013!

We know these supplies will go to great use.  KT & Peter (Marion County AS staff members picked here with Betsey) met us and cheerfully unloaded the truck.  They and other staff members then made short work of setting up ALL the new crates for shelter residents to put to use that very day!

If you would like to reach out to this “little shelter that could”, you can access their Amazon WishList here

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